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We’re for good.
Good work.
Good people.
Good results.


(verb) to draw up the plans or basic details for; outline. //
(verb) to form or make, by fitting and uniting parts together; construct.

At FRAME we combine these two definitions to create some unique and powerful. We help businesses to plan and outline their digital presence and take it into their own hands yo construct something of meaning.


OUR People

OUR People

We are creative, energetic, real people with a drive to help others – we pride ourselves on being a small business that works with, empowers and educates other small businesses.

Meet Erin.

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Erin Griffin.

Her official title may be #bosslady but most of our clients call Erin their on-demand problem solver or business cheerleader. You’ll find her with a coffee in her hand (always), most likely lost in thought dreaming up the next creative campaign for her clients. Erin brings to the table the perfect blend of creative and logic, and approaches every project with passion.


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