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We’re for good.
Good work.
Good people.
Good results.


(verb) to express something choosing your words carefully. //
(verb) to carefully plan or organize ideas, suggestions, methods, etc., in a particular way.

At FRAME this is exactly what we do. We help businesses to formulate and express an idea that resonates with their target audience. We help to frame it in a new way so it can be communicated multiple mediums - digital and social.




We are creative, energetic, real people with a drive to help others – we pride ourselves on being a small business that works with, empowers and educates other small businesses.

Our Team.


Erin Griffin.

Her official title may be #bosslady but most of our clients call Erin their on-demand problem solver or business cheerleader. You’ll find her with a coffee in her hand (always), most likely lost in thought dreaming up the next creative campaign for her clients. Erin brings to the table the perfect blend of creative and logic, and approaches every project with passion.


Cahlia Southon.

Equal parts print and web design goddess, Cahlia is the rising star of the business. The most recent edition to the team, her love of design breathes new life into brands through web, print and digital mediums. There isn’t much this girl can’t do - but her true calling is creating a complete brand identity for your business.


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